VOEGELIN system engineering has been nominated to lead the  analysis and design activities of  an new ERP system for sonic emotion. This new system should support and facilitate the business processes of marketing and sales.

Sonic emotion 3D audio technologies redefine the art of surround listening – for the first time enabling listeners to experience a natural 3D sound image from ANY input format (even stereo), using a single device!

Unlike conventional surround sound, sonic emotion technologies use wave field synthesis to create a field of sonic waves resulting in the illusion of sounds originating from all around. Listeners are surrounded in immersive, balanced audio regardless of their positioning, device location, and room dimensions. Thanks to the all-enveloping sonic waves listeners don’t hear sounds from speakers, in fact they won’t even notice where the device is! Say goodbye to small calibrated listening zones, messy cables and speaker setups. Say hello to the next generation of 3D listening with sonic emotion audio technologies.