ARISE is a complex and highly customized working environment used by Abbott EPD PV and ANI PV to capture, process, assess and distribute ICSRs. The purpose of the upgrade is to implement ARISg Version 7.2, out-of-the-box, without any customization, in a SaaS configuration (i.e. hosted in the cloud by ArisGlobal).  The kernel of the system is a standard application developed by ArisGlobal with a large number of peripheral components and add-ons. The current version of the kernel (ARISg Version 6.4) is not compliant with the E2B(R3) standard that will become effective by the middle of 2016. After upgrade, all peripherals internally hosted will be decommissioned.

OSYRIS = Operational SYstem for Reporting and Information on Safety

Go-live is scheduled for June 2017

VOEGELIN system engineering will provide the project management expertise and will support the project teams in Germany, US and India