During the last 20 years we have developed several products to support the efficiency of our pharmacovigilance services. Therefore we are permanently improving the functionality of these modules.

The toolbox consists of validated and/or qualified modules for daily operations in the Argus safety™ environment.

It has been proven, that the use of this toolbox will improve the data quality and lead to enormous time and cost savings for your drug safety department.

The following modules are part of the toolbox:

  • Case data migration framework
    Migrate your local case data (case by case) into Argus safety™ or export Argus safety™ case data for a third party drug safety system.
  • Product and license configuration framework
    Automatic configuration of Product-Families, Data-sheets, Products, Licenses, Ingredients etc. for your Argus safety™ system.
  • Configuration data health-check reports
    Check-out the status of your configuration data. Identify wrong and incomplete configuration set-ups, inconsistent data, mistyped values, duplicate entries etc.
  • Automatic configuration data clean-up
    Based on the findings of the data health-check reports, an automatic clean-up of the erroneous data can be performed as well as a recoding of all the affected case data.
  • Argus safety™ case duplicate searchThe “Case Fingerprint” system has been developed to search a Drug Safety database for duplicate or similar cases. Based of a combination of information defined by the user, a digital fingerprint is generated and the system is able to “rate” other cases and to allow the user to determine which cases can be considered as duplicates.

    In a first step, the system stores a “digital fingerprint” of each case, according to a profile defined by the user. When a search is started, the system compares the case fingerprints and generates a rating list that can be used for further investigations. This method allows hundred thousands of cases to be evaluated within a very short time, making the system ideal for ad-hoc and/or recurring queries.

    Depending on the user’s needs, the system can use case lists (“reference cases” and “target cases”), or search the entire database.

  • CIOMS-E2B converter Automatically convert your paper-CIOMS and/or electronic stored CIOMS documents (word, pdf) into E2B files (ICSR2) for transmission to the health authorities and/or loading into your favorite drug safety system using the standard E2B loading interface.
    Download and read case study:  How to migrate CIOMS to E2B